tuf 5-Point Level & Cross Line Laser

 TUF Cross Line & 5 Point Laser

·         Carpentry: Level and set cabinets and countertops; Level, square and plumb decks; Plumb framing and partition walls.
·         Concrete: Set forms and footings; Square foundations.
·         Electrical: Level electrical outlets; Transfer lighting layout from floor to ceiling.
·         Flooring: Layout tile.
·         Variable Beams Options: Five square (90°) beams & Hori-zontal and Vertical Beams provide simultaneous level, plumb and square applications.
·         Automatic Levelling: The automatic levelling mechanism eliminates set up time, guarantees accuracy and the repeatable transfer of points to multiple locations.
·         Automatic Out of Level Sensing: The visual (blinking laser beam) out of level indication signals if the unit is out of level after initial set up. This eliminates tool status checks and costly errors saving time and money.
·         Locked Line Angle: Take unit out of self-levelling mode and lock line in place allowing you to set unit at any angle.
·         Multipurpose Attachment Accessory: Attachment accessory with strong magnets, tripod mounts and straps allow for attachment of the tool to a variety of different surfaces including metal studs, wooden beams and tripods.
·         Field Recalibration: Easy field recalibration guarantees performance to specification and keeps
the tool on the job-site, saving time and money.
·         Accuracy: +/- 5mm @ 30m
·         Laser: 635nm+-5nm
·         H & V Level Beam Accuracy: <= 3mm/10m
·         Up & Down dot Accuracy: <= +-1.5mm/10m
·         Working distance: >=30m (with receiver)
·         Battery Life: up to 8 hours of constant use with all beams operating
·         Power Supply: 3 “AA” batteries
·         Rugged Construction: Dust, dirt and water resistant
·         Warranty: 1 year Replacement Warranty.
·         Laser
·         Multipurpose Attachment Accessory
·         Laser Target
·         User Guide
·         Mounting Strap
·         Three (3) “AA” batteries