C L A S S I Q U E   P R O F E S S I O N A L
The Classique Professional has all the added features, as well as a reset button on the pistol grip to reset the counter. There is no need to bend down to reset the counter. There is a reset on the counter as well.
Measures up to 10,000 metres by 10 cm on a push button reset counter driven by a non slip timing belt. The wheels run on two sealed roller ball bearings.

Pistol Grip Zero Reset
Trigger Brake
Metric Increments 100mm
Metric Measures to 9,999.9 m or (10Km)
Folds in Half Push Button Release Clip
Push Button Zero Reset
Kick Down Side Stand
Convenient Carry Handle
Wrist Strap
Wheel Circumference 1m
Wheel Diameter 318mm
Heavy Duty
2 year Guarantee
Debris Scraper
Follows Fine Edges
Runs in Straight Line
Balanced In Line Movement
Better Traction
Wheel Runs On Sealed Roller Bearings
Weight 2.36kg
Optional Carry Case
Common Uses
Road Marking, Construction, Paving, Fencing, Pool Building, General Construction, Garden Layouts, Sports Fields, Factory Layouts, Property Assessment, Traffic Control, Insurance Assessments and many more to numerous to mention.

Mainly used on uneven surfaces over long distances.