C H E C K I N G  T H E  B E L T  F O R  S L I P
  • Align any marking on the wheel with any point on the fork, so that the wheel can be returned to the same point after spinning.
  • Zero the counter.
  • Now spin the wheel as many times as you like.
  • Stop the wheel and return it to the original mark that was lined up previously.
  • The counter will read any whole number but the white wheel with the black numbers on the right hand side of the counter must read zero. This is only on the Roto-Sure 1000 and Classique. The Roto-Sure 500 will read a zero or five.
  • In the event where the counter does not read as indicated, there is dirt stuck in the timing belt. Remove the belt cover and clean out any dirt lodged between the teeth of the belt as well as the pulley.