5 0 0   D E L U X E
The Roto-Sure 500 Deluxe has the same features as the Standard, but has a trigger brake to hold the wheel still when changing direction or dragging the wheel out from under a bush or building.

Trigger Brake
Metric Increments 100mm
Metric Measures to 9,999.9 m or (10Km)
Push Button Zero Reset
Wrist Strap
Heavy Duty
2 year Guarantee
Folds to One Third
Circumference 0.5m
Wheel Diameter 160mm
Follows Fine Edges
Runs in Straight Line
Balanced In Line Movement
Better Traction
Wheel Runs On Sealed Roller Bearings
Light Weight Easy Storage
Weight 1.16kg
Optional Carry Case
Common Uses
Quoting for Carpets, Flooring, Paving, Garden Layouts, Factory Layouts.
Normally used on smoother surfaces and shorter distances.