Multi Purpose Laser ML14 i    

  •   Rugged design
  •   Automatic self-leveling
  •   Dual Grade
  •   Easy to use
  •   Split Beam
  •   Scanning

  Rugged design - The ML 14i is built to be strong and robust, with the rotor head sealed in a sturdy housing, making the laser 100% water- and dust-proof (IP67).

Automatic self-leveling - The ML 14i features self-leveling both horizontally and vertically.
When the laser is used without slope, the automatic self-leveling keeps the beam horizontal or vertical, even if the laser is exposed to knocks and vibration.

Dual Grade - As something very special for a laser in this price class, the ML 14i can work with grades from 0 to 10% in both X- and Y-directions.
If the laser becomes exposed to knocks or vibrations whilst working with grades, a Level Alarm will be activated.

Split Beam - The ML 14i is a split beam laser, which means it emits two beams, perpendicular to each other. This makes it simplicity itself to put up walls perpendicularly or to use the vertical beam to transfer measurements from floor to ceiling.

Ease of use - The ML 14i has an easy-to-read LCD display, where all messages are shown in the chosen language, and a user-friendly control panel.

Scanning - The ML 14i is equipped with a unique scanning mode, where the laser beam scans rapidly back and forth over a fixed angle chosen by the user. The scanning mode increases beam visibility by up to 20 times when compared to normal rotation.

 Standard Package - Instrument, Battery, Fast charger, Handheld detector w/clamp & User's Manual.

Technical Specifications
Working range (interior, visible):
30 m
Working range (with laser detector): 150 m
Leveling range: 5
Grade adjustment range, semiautomatic: 0 - 10 %
Rotational speed, rpm: 0/30/60/180/360/600
Scanning: Yes
Split beam: Yes
Diode: 635 nm
Maximum output: 2.5 mW
Laser class: Class 3A
Battery: 7,2 V "Makita" type 1.4 Ah.
Battery life, approx.: 20 hours
Recharge time, approx.: 1 hour
Waterproof: Yes (IP67)
Dimensions (LWH), mm: 195x110x180
Weight with battery: 1800 g