Measure like the professionals

Make life easy: With the PREXISO you can measure any distance quickly and efficiently. This handy laser measuring instrument is the ideal tool for all distance measurements. With one press of a button you can take measurements in seconds and without assistance – with laser-accuracy: Save time and money - simply measure like the professionals.

Messen wie die Profis It doesn't get any more accurate:

If you are
  • designing/fitting out your home
  • renovating a house
  • laying a floor
  • wallpapering or painting
  • moving house or setting up home
  • lining things up or measuring any other distance.

The advantages of laser power

A worthwhile comparison!

A laser distance measuring instrument uses laser light – with pin-point accuracy. So you know exactly where you are measuring to. You can rely on the information displayed. On the other hand, ultrasound instruments measure using sound waves, which propagate from the unit in the shape of a cone and therefore the resulting measurements are inaccurate. Sound waves are deflected by objects or partial obstructions, which leads to measurement errors.

A metre stick or a retractable tape measure works well – although only over short distances. Measuring distances longer than 1 metre becomes more awkward: sometimes two people have to be involved and therefore the result is less accurate.

From now on - take all your measurements quickly and easily with the PREXISO!

Laserstarke Vorteile
Technical data

The high quality of the laser makes it possible:
the PREXISO maintains its superb accuracy, even over longer distances. The PREXISO provides professional perfection and is simpler to use than a mobile phone.
  Prexiso X2
Accuracy ± 2 mm
Maximum measuring range 30 m
Minimum measurement 0.10 m
Functions Distance, Area, Volume, Add, Subtract, Pythagoras–function
Dimensions and weight 123 x 50 x 26 mm,
100 g
Batteries 2xAAA Alkaline Battery
Units Metric⁄Imperial
Reference Measures from front/back
Delivery package Instrument, batteries, case, user manual

 Prexiso X2 Brochure