Grade Lasers

Product Overview Grade Lasers
  Leica Geosystems' Grade Lasers are the most accurate and reliable rotating lasers for general construction and machine control applications that require precise grade. They can be used wherever level, single or dual grades are required, and are compatible with Leica Geosystems' 2D and 3D Machine Control Systems for ultimate grade control.
Select the right product for your needs:
Leica Rugby 320 SG & 410/420 DG
Making the grade is what the Leica Rugby is all about. Whether your work requires level, single or dual grades and high accuracy over a long distance range, the Leica Rugby’s extensive features will ensure both material and labor savings, keeping you on target to increase your bottom line.  more
Leica Rugby 270SG & 280DG
Make the Right Choice! The Leica Rugby 270SG and 280DG offer the contractor a real choice of features and functionality.  more