- ALL IN ONE: rod + receiver + digital distance meter
- Direct digital readout of your measurements from 1m up to 4m
- Digital Cut and fill

-  Works with any traditional rotating laser


The SmartRod is a laser receiver built into a telescoping rod, with unique features that eliminate the usual calculations required when using a receiver on a grade rod. It provides a digital readout in three modes: basic elevation readings, cut-and-fill calculations, and height and width measurements (tape measuring mode, not requiring a laser). It can receive reference elevation information from all rotating lasers.


- LCD showing elevation, measurements, settings, and status of functions
- Cut-and-fill mode that indicates how far a measurement is from a previous reference reading
- Choice of units: metric; ft/10ths/100ths; and ft/inches/16ths
- Uses linear receiving technology and has a wide 165mm (6.5”) reception range for capturing the beam quickly.

Technical Specifications

Reference 775210
Product name SmartRod
Working radius 1 m - 300 m (3 ft. -1000 ft.),
laser dependent
Detection accuracy ±2.5 mm (±3/32”)
Range of reading Elevations from 0.99m (3.2‘)
to 4.02 m (13.2‘)
Choice of units • Metric
• Feet/10ths/100ths
• Feet/inches/16ths
Beam capture angle 120° minimum
Beam capture height 165 mm (6.5"), dependent on laser and distance
Detectable laser beam Visible and infrared
(610nm to 780 nm)

Power supply/battery life
Control panel:
Laser receiver:

for min. 3000 measurements
(3) AA batteries for min. 60 hrs
(3) AA batteries
Standby of capture mode After 30 seconds (no use)
Automatic shut-off After 5 minutes (no use)
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Environmental IP54 for water and dust resistance
Weight 3.6 kg (8 lbs.)
Dimensions Total extended height 4,07 m (13.4 ft.); closes to 1,15m (3.8 ft.)
Specifications subject to change without notice


General construction
- Use with any rotating laser

Brochure - 1MB - pdf

Manual - 3MB - pdf