The M10 is a far more useful tool than a carpenter’s level or a line laser – its rotating beam provides a perfectly level reference line 360° around the entire room. There’s no need to buy additional accessories – everything you need comes with the laser! There’s a built-in adjustable wall mount, a handy remote control, and the ability to slope the laser up to 90° to lay out stairways and other inclined planes. The M10 can be used with either a standard 5/8-11 or camera tripod.


The M10 laser can be used in both horizontal and vertical modes, with a split beam for 90° angles. It’s a snap to use – put the laser on the floor or tripod, level the two bubbles, and go! Choice of rotation speeds and scanning lengths gives you the best options for varying light conditions and job sites. The scanning mode’s oscillating beam intensifies the laser line, making it easier to see at a distance.

Remote ControlTL15                                                     Use the remote control to adjust the rotation speed or scan length and move the scan beam to the left or right.

The M10 laser is delivered in a sturdy carrying case with remote control, magnetic target, laser-enhancing glasses, and batteries.

Technical Specifications

Product name M10
Accuracy* Fine: ±1cm @ 30m (3/16" @ 50ft)
Laser Diode Visible 635 nm; <2mW Class IIIR
Rotation Speed 0, 150, 400, 600 rpm
Range* 30 m (100 ft.)
Battery life 30 hrs; 3 AA alkaline
Tripod Mounts Standard 5/8-11 or camera
*Varies with laser used. Actual accuracy depends on beam diameter and distance to the laser

Agatec M10 Interior Manual Rotating Horizontal and Vertical Laser

Walls, Partitions, Suspended Ceilings, Cabinets, Flooring.....


Brochurel - 158 kb - pdf