Cross line laser with
- floor-to-ceiling plumb beam
- Self-leveling
- Locked line angle mode to match an angle between two points
- Pendulum lock for safe transport
- Mounting bracket for wall layout
- Can use with optional detector outdoors

The CPL50 is the only cross line laser with a built-in 180° plumb beam -- ideal for floor-toceiling point transfer.
It also has horizontal and vertical fan angles, cross line, and locked line angle in manual mode which allows you to match an angle between any two points.
It uses a pendulum mechanism for self-leveling and has blinking beams to warn if the laser is set up out of level.

Technical Specifications
Reference 775208
Product name CPL50
Range Up to 30m (100 ft.) indoors
 and up to 50m (165 ft.) outdoors with optional detector
Accuracy ± 3mm at 10m (1/8" at 35 ft.)
Self-leveling range ± 5°
Cross line 130° horizontal & 140° vertical fan angles
Plumb beam For floor-to-ceiling transfer  
Power 3 AA batteries
Battery life 25 hrs. 1-beam operation;
12 hrs. with 2 beams
Size 11 x 5.7 x 9.7 cm (4 1/2" x 2 ¼" x 3 7/8)

Interior construction
- Floor-to-ceiling transfer points for wall, lighting, sprinkler layouts
- Level for electrical, windows, etc.

Brochure - 958KB - pdf
Manual - 1MB - pdf

Use as a mount for CPL50.
It can be attached to walls, pipes, and columns or magnetically to metal studs. Also fits over drywall track or floor stud for wall layout.