Interior Exterior Construction Laser
The A110 - AGATEC automatic rotating laser, specially designed for basic indoor application. With its electronic self-level mode, three operating modes (rotating, dot and scanning) and integrated wall mount, the A110 can be used in all your commercial projects for leveling, vertical alignment, plumb, and squaring.
Fully Horizontal / Vertical, Easy to use, Click & Go: fast set-up, Brushless Core Power (BCP) for longer battery and zero product maintenance


The SR200 detector and the RCR500 detector and laser remote control are designed for grade rod and handheld applications.
- Front and back displays get you “on grade” wherever the laser is positioned
- Two deadbands (standard and fine accuracy)
- 5 display channels (LCD indicators): high, near grade high, on grade, near grade low, low
- Audible tones tell you the beam location without watching display
- Integrated level vial on detector; level bubble on rod clamp
- Rugged design, with protective over-mold

Wall mount:
Provides fast daily set-up
Always on target
The wall mount always puts the laser at the proper height, so the beam hits the center of the target when it’s at the correct installation height for the grid.
Three operating modes:
1. Rotation Plane
2. Level & Plumb Points: Use laser plumb sport for floor-to-ceiling transfer of points; serves as 90° reference when laser is in vertical mode.
3. Oscillating Scan: Concentrates beam in a defined work area; easier to see beam further away.
Brushless Core Power (BCP):
The innovative brushless motor eliminates gears and drive belts.
The efficient design gives you long battery life - one month on only two flashlight batteries - and ZERO product maintenance.
Technical Specifications

Reference 775204 775199
Product name A110
Recommended use 300 m (1000ft) diameter
Leveling Accuracy* Fine: ±3 mm @ 30m  (±1/8" @ 100ft)
Self-leveling Horizontal and Vertical
Leveling range  ± 10%
Rotation speed 0, 150, 600 rpm
Laser diode Visiable 635 nm; <5mW Class 3R
Battery life 160 hrs; 2 D size alkaline
*Varies with laser used. Actual accuracy depends on beam diameter and distance to the laser


Walls, Partitions, Suspended Ceilings, Cabinets, Flooring.....


Brochure - 866 KB - pdf