Spectra Precision Laser LL200

Easy to use, and all in one case - an ideal solution for the small contractor

LL200pdtThe Spectra Precision Laser LL200 includes everything you need in a single carrying case…the laser, receiver and clamp. Simple to use, the LL200 makes one-person levelling as easy as possible – putting you in control of your elevations. Fast and accurate, the LL200 will pay for itself in labour savings before you need to change the single D cell battery.  Just put one in the back of your truck – and change the way you work.


  • forms, footings and foundations (residential jobs)
  • septic tank or swimming pool installations
  • estimating cut and fill
  • decks and terraces


  • transmitter, receiver, and clamp in one rugged carry case
  • runs 100 hours on one D-cell battery
  • only one moving part means there is little to go wrong – and if it does, there is a next day replacement policy (US only)

LL200 brochure (pdf)