Spectra Precision Laser HV401

Tough, highly versatile Interior Construction Laser

The highly visible, multi-purpose Spectra Precision® Laser HV401 is an advanced laser with exceptional accuracy and durability for your indoor job sites. You can use the HV401 in both horizontal and vertical modes in the widest variety of applications to maximize your return on investment and increase your productivity.

The HV401 is easy to set up, learn and use, and gives you automatic, self-levelling, one-person operation and a simple user interface common on the transmitter and remote control. Designed to work with common construction materials and infrastructure such as drywall, wall anchors, and reference marks, the HV401 features a multi-use mount for ceiling installation and drywall framing. The HV401 laser provides a permanent, hands-free reference for hanging ceilings in large rooms so you can complete the job with one set-up.

The HV401 can be paired with the HL700 receiver for interior construction applications or with the CR600 for additional machine control applications.

HV401 Features & Benefits

  • Fast set-up, minimal training time, and automatic self-levelling minimize operating costs and boost productivity
  • Powerful, bright visible beam provides permanent, hands-free reference for multiple users.
  • Temperature-calibrated accuracy for consistent performance over the entire jobsite
  • Designed to withstand a drop of up to 1 m (3 ft) directly onto concrete or a tripod tip-over up to 1.5 m (5 ft) for minimum repair time
  • Multiple power options: NiMH rechargeable batteries, direct power or alkaline batteries for minimum downtime
  • With the plunging plumb beam, the laser can be referenced to right-angle marks for quick set-up in layout of interior walls and framing.
  • Single-axis slope mode offers fast set-up and grade match to a reference mark for permanent and accurate ceiling slope reference
  • Long-range remote control gives you quick access to all the laser functions without returning to the transmitter

HV401 Applications

  • Wall installation
  • Drop (hanging) ceilings
  • Sloped ceilings
  • Layout of interior walls and framing
  • Interior fittings and fixtures
  • 1 m (4 ft) marks
  • Jobsite levelling

HV401 brochure (pdf)